Our Vision

From day one Empire Duels was conceptualized to be an open, inclusive platform for blockchain and NFT enthusiasts to engage in intriguing game-play and make a return for their participation, and blockchain gaming has made this possible. Fun doesn’t always equate with value, but with the advent of blockchain gaming there is an opportunity to create value from ownership; this is why the core experience of our game is about building and owning your business. As players progress they will transition from a worker to an entrepreneur having the ability to own their business and its components. From here it is the player’s choice - they can invest in other businesses, rent out their businesses to other players, or go ahead and expand it more. In the long run we envision Empire Duels to be the go-to place for players, and investors, to engage in a competitive business or capitalize on the long-run - the choice is yours.
The ambition for this project is to create a vibrant world with shared game-play experiences emphasizing community development and sustainable growth. To do that Empire Duels will be launched as a sequence of game-play phases, with each phase focusing on a particular game-play element, and expanding this with future expansions (please refer to Launch Phases).